Source: Sherman Publications

Township looks into city dissolution

by Trevor Keiser

March 14, 2012

With “a lot of chatter” around town and in the media concerning the possible dissolution of the City of the Village of Clarkston, Independence Township Trustee Neil Wallace was concerned.

“There is some possibility this could not only have a significant impact on the township, but we may actually play a role,” he said. “We may have to take a vote about whether the city should be able to dissolve.”

Wallace recommended the board have Township Attorney Steve Joppich look into it and report back with the basic framework at a cost not to exceed $1,000 so the board is not “caught flatfooted if the city does move forward.”

The vote passed 3-1. Treasurer Curt Carson voted “no.”

Trustee David Lohmeier said he “hates to spend money unnecessarily” but also sees it as an “investment.”

“Do we want to spend money on the potential we might be faced with this question or do we want to wait until it has traction and then react, in which case we might be caught off guard.” Lohmeier asked.

Clerk Barbara Pallotta asked what the status of the petition was. City resident Cory Johnston, spearheading the dissolution, said he had not started yet and was waiting for warmer weather.

“I think there will be a lot of discussion,” Johnston said. “I rather do it when it’s warmer than colder.”

Pallotta said she was in favor of having Joppich look into it because the board will probably get a lot questions from the public. She felt it was important for the board to have a “basic knowledge” of what they needed to do if things “came to fruition.”

“If this should happen, how it will impact us as a community? We need to be prepared for those kinds of questions,” she said. “I’m looking at it as educational value more than anything.”

Carson felt it was too early to be spending money on “what if?”

“The process is probably a relatively lengthy one and I agree that if we hear there is some sort of traction to this, we can potentially take this up down the road,” Carson said. “I don’t see where we should be spending the township taxpayers’ dollars at this point until we know there is something we should be taking up.”