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The stage is set for ‘The Apple Tree’at Goodrich High School

by Kelly Baum

March 14, 2012

Adam and Eve, “The Lady or the Tiger,” and a modern day Cinderella are coming to the Goodrich High School stage.

After the success of “Fiddler On the Roof” which went on stage last spring, GHS director Steve Mitchell is looking forward to “The Apple Tree.”

“We had great sucess last year,” said Mitchell. “This is written by the same people and the music is great.”

“The Apple Tree,” written by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, consists of three acts total and a cast of 12 students.

The first act, “The Diary of Adam,” is based on stories in “Extracts from Adam’s Diary” and “Eve’s Diary” by Mark Twain, and follows the story of Adam and Eve and how their relationship manifested after Eve consumed the forbidden fruit.

The second act, “The Lady or the Tiger,” is based on the short story by Frank R. Stockton, and follows the relationship of forbidden love. “They are the apple of each other’s eyes,” said Mitchell. The final act, “Passionella,” by Jules Feiffer is a modern-day Cinderella story based in the 1960’s.

Mitchell wanted to convey a special level of depth to the audience in this play. For “The Apple Tree,” Mitchell said he drew influence from the major eras of filmmaking. The first act is based on the films of the 1920’s, “like ‘The Great Gatsby’, silent films and muted tones,” said Mitchell. The second act is “much darker like the film noir of the 40’s.” The third act is based on the “birth of Hollywood” and the big stars.

The set is another difference the audience might notice. Mitchell said the set is more adaptable as there are three time periods and settings to portray. The set for the second act he described as being like “a grand meeting room of a dictator.”

For fans of “Fiddler on the Roof,”Mitchell said that he chose “The Apple Tree” because of their similarities, and encourages fans of all ages to come and enjoy another GHS theater performance.

Performances of “The Apple Tree” are 7 p.m. March 22-24, and 2:30 p.m., March 25 at the Raymond C. Green Center for Performing Arts, 8029 S. Gale Road, Goodrich. The admission price is $8, and tickets can be reserved in advance or purchased at the door. Call 810-591-2220 to reserve tickets or for more information.

“The Apple Tree” cast: “The Diary of Adam and Eve”: Thomas Flotemersch as Adam, Alec Gordon as the Snake, and Victoria Torres as Eve; “The Lady or the Tiger”: Haley Ryan as Belladeer, R.J. Lawler as King Arik, Natalie Whitlock as Princess Barbara, Spencer Everhart as Captain Sanjar, and Kate Lieber as the Tiger; “Passionella”: Steven Brauer as the Narrator, Elise Selberg as Ella/Passionella, Adam Koerber as Flip, and Jacob Lawler as the Producer.

The chorus members of “The Apple Tree” are: Alix Gardner, Gage Webster, Jessica Ferguson, Devyn Mitchell, Alisse Laymac, Grace Lemmon, Morgan Hoeffel, Hannah England, Rachel Tremblay, Alexandra Wooley, Eleanor Langley, Lindsay McCarty, Kelsey Neumann, and Connor Akers.