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Letter to the Editor
Councilman explains township comments

March 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

Recently, I have been quoted in articles about Cory Johnston’s efforts to dissolve the City of the Village of Clarkston, so that it would become part of Independence Township.

Some of my statements, taken out of the context of longer discussions, were critical of the township’s government. Those were ill-conceived statements that I should not have made.

The essence of the debate about dissolution as I see it is whether it is more desirable for the residents of Clarkston to directly control decisions about local matters, particularly zoning and the historic district.

We can and should have that discussion without impugning the township board and government. When people speak of Clarkston, they include not just the half square mile of the city but the greater Clarkston area that includes the township. The township residents and businesses are an integral part of the community life of Clarkston. And so is the township government.

I respect a number of the members of the township board, Superintendent Bart Clark, and the township department heads that I have had interchange with. I applaud the board’s successful efforts, led by Neil Wallace, to bring township budgeting out in the open and to have a disciplined, measured process for dealing with the difficult decisions that must be made in a time of declining revenues.

Richard Bisio

Clarkston (City Council member)