Source: Sherman Publications

Groveland Twp.
Synopsis 03-12-2012

March 21, 2012


Groveland Twp. Board 03-12-2012

Call To Order & Roll Call

Approved: Consent Agenda

Approved 2-12 Twp, Fire & Special Minutes

Approved: Budget Amendments

Accounts Payable

Financial Reports

Public Hearing: Budget 2012-2013 Township & Fire

Approved Appropriations Act

2012-2013 Budget Twp & Fire

Approved Resolution 2012-006

OPEB & Pension Funding

Approved Loan Agreement with Fire Dept

Approved 2012 Road Graveling

2012 Chloride

Approved Liquor License App.

RiverRock, LLC

Approved Resolution 2012-007

Opt out of Senate Bill #7

Approved Resolution 2012-008

Twp Medical Plan

Dencap Dental/Vision Plan

Postponed MERS Health Saving Program

Approved Supervisor to attend MATS Conference

Approved Resolution 2012-009 Rescind PA#88


Approved Hiring of Sam Turner & Andy Greene

Patti Back

Recording Secretary

Publish in The Citizen 3-17-12