Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor - Penny wise and pound foolish

March 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

I'm very disappointed by the Village Council's shortsighted decision to de-fund the lifeguards at Green's Park. I agree with Stan Ford when he asserts that the $6,000 the village saves won't be worth the liability risk.

Perhaps the "lack of old board member's," as Mike Toth puts it, is unfortunate. Apparently none of the new board members remember the law suit the village endured several years ago when a one-year-old fell off of a village park swing.

For at least the last 26 years, there has been a rule that no children are allowed in the park without parental supervision. Even if that remains the case, and even if the rule is posted, who's going to enforce it if there are no lifeguards?

And, as Mr. Ford accurately points out, who's going to enforce the policy against alcohol? The combination of unsupervised kids, alcohol and swimming is an accident waiting to happen. A beach with no lifeguards is a very enticing place for vandalism, as well. Can the Village afford the extra police presence this will surely require?

It's amazing to me the Village can take on the huge financial commitment of updating our "streetscape" but can't seem to find $6,000 to maintain our park and keep our kids safe. This is a case of the Village Council being "penny wise and pound foolish."

Carol Roughton, Village resident