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Letter to the Editor
Questions on school bond details

March 28, 2012

Dear Editor,

As a concerned parent of the Clarkston Community Schools, I have numerous questions that have yet to be answered by the district. After attending several board meetings, there is a lack of specificity regarding the actual implementation in this plan.

What will be the security level of these devices, and how will the children’s communications be monitored? With the number of cyber-bullying and sexting scandals on the rise, what systems will be put in place to prevent this? In the event of a tragedy, who would be liable?

Also who is liable for the device itself? Will there be replacement cost s or insurance costs involved? These questions have not even been addressed by the school board or administration.

With 19 percent of our student population on reduced or free lunch programs, district 2011 audit, and unemployment still in double digits, is it fair to ask the community for more tax dollars?

There has been much communication regarding children first. These same children will still be paying off this bond and others until 2029 to 2033. I do not believe it is in the best interest of this community to mortgage their future for technology that will be outdated in 11 years – School Link winter spring page 3.

Truly, will that technology really last that long? I personally have yet to have a device last longer than five years. This is a good school district with very talented educators. While there needs to be some technology updates, $20 million is a very high price for this community to pay. I will vote “no,” May 8.

Bridget Gibbs

Independence Township