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Letter to the Editor
Reader supports bond, kids, schools

March 28, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am writing to give my total support to the Clarkston Schools Technology and Capital Improvement Bond set for May 8!

The proposal will position the schools to expand learning opportunities for our students and create a global learning environment that will prepare them for the future.

Clarkston Schools has been a part of my life for the past 60 years, first as a student, Class of 64, then as an employee of the district for 30 years. Most recently I have served as a volunteer in the classrooms of my grandchildren.  

A lot has changed over those 60 years, but one thing that has not is Clarkston Schools continues to provide a quality education to its students.

Clarkston Schools have always been a keen steward of the money it receives to educate the children.  In comparison with other schools in Oakland County, Clarkston ranks fourth from the bottom in the amount of money spent to educate each child. When you compare student performance on assessment tests, Clarkston ranks near the top of the county.  

Clarkston Schools works hard to maintain the trust of the community to do the very best job possible in the education of Clarkston’s most valuable resource, the children!

From the one room school house, Bailey Lake, that my grandfather(Class of 13) and mother(Class of 35) attended.  To the post war baby boom rapid building of schools that my children(Class of 92 and 95) and I attended. To the current updated schools that my grandchildren (Class of 2019 and 2025) attend.  

The Clarkston Community has always supported the children! In my belief system, "kids will always count in Clarkston!"

I am proud of my schools and the job it continues to do with the education of the students. My grandchildren and all the children in the community deserve the best Clarkston can offer.

I applaud the Clarkston Board of Education and Administration for hard work and leadership in putting this proposal  together and offering the community the opportunity to keep Clarkston Education moving forward to meet the needs of the 21st century. Please join me in continuing to put “Clarkston Kids First” and vote “yes” on May 8.

George S.White