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Keiserís Role A column by Trevor Keiser
Goodbye to you

by Trevor Keiser

April 04, 2012

Five years ago I wrote my first column for The Clarkston News. Now, I am writing my last.

To some of you this may be sad news and to others a sigh of relief, but donít worry, Iím not going far. I am going across M-24 to our sister paper The Lake Orion Review.

I couldnít pass up an opportunity (with a little nudge from Assistant Publisher Don Rush) to further my journalism skills as co-editor at the Lake Orion newspaper.

Trust me, it wasnít an easy decision. Iíve come to love the Clarkston community and the people in it. Many of you have let me into your homes and into your lives. Weíve not only talked about things relating to the latest story I was writing, but we discussed matters of family, faith, and community.

Even on the political side of the spectrum, where Iíve been known to hit right between the eyes at times, I believe all political leaders both City Council and Independence Township Board are well-intentioned folks.

As I said in the past, if I never questioned a decision made or challenged public officials on an issue, then I wouldnít be doing my job.

Though I may be across town, I promise I will still be keeping an eye on whatís going on around here. I will be interested to see those who challenge for spots on the Independence Township Board.

Iím not only going to miss the Clarkston community, but I am also going to miss the wonderful staff at the CNews office. Weíve become like family over the past five years.

Whether it was deep conversations about life, laughing to the point of tears over an inside joke, or just each of us doing our part to put out a great paper, Iíve been proud to serve that office with each of you.

Iíd like to thank my bosses, Editor Phil Custodio, Assistant Publisher Don Rush, and Publisher Jim Sherman, Jr. for pushing me and challenging me to the next level. Also, thanks to my wife, Noell, and my family for your understanding and encouragement.

Finally, Iíd like to thank all my faithful readers who tuned in Keiserís Role and my news bylines on a regular basis. Thank you Clarkston and God bless!