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Letter to Editor
Reader sees shifts in school bond plan

April 04, 2012

Dear Editor,

The Clarkston Community Schools administration has stressed the May 8 bond proposal is what is best for the students and is supported by a solid plan, particularly in terms of the technology portion of the bond. I find two aspects of that argument particularly interesting.

First, when the administration introduced its 2011-2014 technology plan in May 2011, it indicated that $8.3 million would need to be funded through a bond. Between then and now that number has become $10.5 million. It is safe to assume this is not rounding. Second, as representatives from the administration have met with parents and other community members the plan continues to change.

Both these points are indicative of an administration that does not have a well-thought-out plan with sufficient detail to support the expenditures for which it is asking. The repeated circling back to amend the underlying documents points one to the conclusion that this is an initiative for which a number ($20 million) was selected followed by an exercise in document production the administration felt was sufficient to support that number.

It is the board’s and the administration’s responsibility to students, parents, teachers and the community to develop a vision, work through the detail to produce the strategies, objectives and tactics that will support the vision, then conduct the due diligence required to identify activities in which the district will be engaged and the resources that will be needed to meet the district’s objectives and achieve its vision. Anything less than a well-developed and executed plan is not in anyone’s best interests.

Let’s support the students’ best interests in the broader context of what is also best for the parents, teachers, the community and the long term financial health of the district by voting “No” for this proposal.

Lawrence Matta

Independence Township