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Don't Rush Me
Of this and that (or not much at all)

by Don Rush

April 04, 2012

I found it interesting to listen in on some of the discourse between United States Supreme Court Justices and solicitors for the government and the 20-odd states against what is now a ďgoodĒ term, Obamacare.

While the justices already know the outcome of the courtís decision -- partially or totally, Constitutional or not -- we wonít know for a few months. They are writing their stances.

Whatever the outcome, is the outcome, thatís not the point of what Iím typing today. What is, is how the process worked.

I found myself pulling my nose out of whatever book I was reading to listen to the justices turn arguments around and ask questions. Electronic media isnít allowed in the chambers much, so hearing the exchanges was to me fascinating.

And, I can wait to hear the fallout after their decision is released. Itís gonnaí be a whine-fest.

* * *

A few weeks ago I opined on the merits of robo calls for and against presidential candidates.

Okay. I didnít opine. To use the phrase from the previous paragraph, my column was a ďwhine-festĒ with me as The Commander-in-Chief of Whine.

Most folks who wrote me were of similar opinion: they hate the amount of robo calls that come during election season.

I included some of those letters in a subsequent column . . . but nothing for the other side. I didnít think anybody would actually smile at the prospect of those stupid calls, but as is the case 97.8 percent of the time, I was wrong.

Read the following.

* * *

Don, I guess Iím one of the few people who look forward to robo calls. Nobody wants to talk to me anymore, so I enjoy talking to someone new.

I do however find it a little disappointing when the call is a recorded message. Iím still anxious to talk to them, but I have trouble trying to get a word in edgewise. I was excited to hear that you can also get robo calls on your cell phone!

Iím looking forward to the fall campaign and Iím hoping to have my cell phone charged up and ready. My cell phone battery has been dead for the last 3 years. Maybe itís time for a new bag phone?

Iím also hoping that the candidates accelerate their campaign ads on TV. I donít understand why people object to the so-called negative ads? How else will we learn the truth about the candidates?

I enjoy most of your weekly columns, but find that some of your readers are selfish with their time and unwilling to support the robo caller. Theyíve got to earn a living, too. Right?

I also will be mailing my political leaders concerning robo calls and I will encourage them to keep up the good work.

Joe G

Formally of Leonard (but still an avid subscriber)

* * *

Okay, maybe Joe was being sarcastic. But, I am not sure as I ainít good with sarcasm unless I am dishing.

* * *

I will end on an ďupliftingĒ note. Just found a website,

You can go there, sign up and have all the end-of-the-world news crap sent to your ďsmartĒ phone 24/7.

Complete with newsfeeds from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) you can be up-to-date, and prepared when it all ďends.Ē I think there may be even a link to folks who build bomb shelters.