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Spiritual Matters
Shining a ray of light on difficult times

April 11, 2012

How difficult life can be! Think of all the things put on our plate on a regular basis. First, there is the full schedule, then having to work overtime to complicate matters even more.

There are the sports schedules or the recreation times, making sure we get to the Club and spend time with our friends. There are all the family commitments and…life gets pretty hectic, doesn’t it?

During His ministry, Jesus would often invite the disciples to get away for just a while.

It might mean a trip up a hillside or journey to the Mount of Olives. Often they would spend time together relaxing in the garden called Gethsemane.

Yet that garden would carry a foreboding eeriness as Jesus took His disciples there on the night of His arrest and trial. From the moment of His arrest it all moved so quickly. The trial. The flogging. The crucifixion. The death and burial.

Maybe you can identify with the heavy hearts of Jesus’ followers when, on the third day, the women headed to the tomb to finish preparing the body for death and the disciples hid behind locked doors out of fear.

The sorrow can be overwhelming and crippling, making life itself a heavy burden.

But then the ray of light begins to shine through. That first ray across the tomb that brings a little joy to our life.

We enter where there should be death and we find life. We hear the words spoken, proclaimed: Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here but has risen. (Luke 24:5-6) What a change in mood, what a change in attitude!

There are many who come to hear only those messages of joy. Maybe we feel obligated to come at Christmas and Easter because that is the thing to do. What about our faith the rest of the year? Do you believe in God?

Many say they do but realize that even the devil believes in God—and knows Him and fears Him! Can we say the same? The day of judgment will come. Where will we stand on the day of the resurrection of all the dead?

God is not seeking only a few hours of our life.

He wants all of our life and all of our devotion. God wants a relationship, a solid relationship with each of us. He wants us to experience the birth and the death of Jesus but He offers us so much more.

Now that we have experienced the Resurrection again, take time to resurrect the relationship God would have with you.

Take time to be with Him each day as you open His Word and pray.

Take time to grow, joining with other Christians, in weekly worship. Take time to experience both the highs and the lows of the Christian year as you spend time with Him.

And then, as Paul Harvey used to remind us, then you will know the rest of the story. A blessed Resurrection to you!

The Rev. Kendall Schaeffer is pastor of St. Trinity Lutheran Church.