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Letter to the editor
Bond defeat just start for reader

April 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

Citizens of Independence Township, please make our voices heard on May 8, when it is time to have another stealth election to fleece our wallets.

It's not stealth like the last time Oakland Intermediate Schools fleeced us but the School Board is by-passing the spirit of the new state law requiring school elections be held with other County, State and Federal elections. Think the School Board and Doc Rock have an agenda?

This bond will put our school district debt to over $200 million. Are they insane? And they're crowing that are debt rating is rated moderate. Moderate by what standards? The federal government?

I urge all sensible voters to read between the lines on the onslaught of pro-bond propaganda that the tax, tax, and more tax crowd is sending home.

Let's defeat this bond soundly. Then we can listen to the enlightened ones lecture us on the reasons it didn't pass.

You can bet the first reason will be that they didn't get the message out so we could understand. You see when we defeat a proposal, it's not because we are tired of taxes, it's because we aren't educated enough to know what's best.

Defeat the bond, then we go after the four career board members who voted for it.

After we run them out of town, tarred and feathered on a rail, we will then look for a replacement for good ole Mr. status quo, Doc Rock.

Brian Kitchin

Independence Township