Source: Sherman Publications

Keiser's Role: Tastes like....

by Trevor Keiser

April 25, 2012

While watching the April 11 school board meeting DVD I saw Food Service Director Marla Ernst give a presentation on the the healthier food made in the school cafeterias.

Well, the last time I ate high school cafeteria food was nine years ago. (That means next year is my 10 year reunion, wowzers I feel old). While watching the presentation I thought “hey healthier food selections in school cafeterias would make for a good story.” (See story in next week’s edition.)

I also had a second thought, “I wonder if the food tastes better than what I remember?” So I called up Lake Orion High School Interim Principal Tom Toby and told him I was interested in doing a story. He was delighted and invited me to the lunch.

When I saw there were three different bays (that looked like the size of a mini storage garage) where kids could choose food from I was greatly impressed. Homemade pizzas, variety of subs and sandwiches, gyros, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, gyros, rib sandwich, and let’s not forget a variety of fruits and vegetables or salad bar to choose from.

I had a bbq rib sandhich, with baked french fries, cinnamon applesauce, some fresh grapes and two one percent pints of white milk. Was it the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten? No, but would I go back again? Most definitely. I would say it was far beyond what I remember eating.

The only days I got school lunch was chicken finger with mashed potatoes day or on Fridays we had “Little Caesars Pizza day.” Other than those two days you were better off bringing your lunch.

Though I will say my high school made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies that fell apart in your hand, something not regularly sold at schools today. However, I applaud the Lake Orion Schools food staff for making edible food and trying to help students appreciate their fruits and veggies.