Source: Sherman Publications

Communication is the key

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

April 25, 2012

By Gabriel Ouzounian

Review Co-Editor

Coming away from a slow preseason starting record of 3-3, Lake Orion’s Boys Lacrosse team toppled their first two opponents giving them a 2-0 record on the league season.

Most recently was a back-and-forth game against Walled Lake United on April 21 that all came together in the fourth quarter. The game was a series of momentum-fueled plays that left both teams tied in the first, second and third quarters. But in the fourth, Lake Orion stepped up to hold the Knights to just one goal while picking up seven of their own.

“We’d score, they’d match it - it was back and forth like that the whole game. There was never more than a two goal difference,” said Head Coach Brad Thomas.

Thomas said the key to winning was Orion’s “ride” or ability to create extra possessions.

“We would force them into turnovers on their end,” he said. “That’s really an effort thing. We had a great effort in the fourth quarter and it made the difference in the game.”

He admitted the Knights were particularly good at cutting off the ball from the rest of the team; isolating an Orion player from his pass options. To this end Orion managed to employ another skill Thomas has been urging the team to use - communication.

“We communicated very well,” said Thomas. “They scored eight but when we got on the offense we made the most of every play. They played zone against us but we managed to shoot very well to get the job done.”

Top on the offensive were senior Brad Bogus with four goals, junior Zach Miller with two goals and two assists and junior Nick Booker with two goals and four assists. Leading the defense was senior Ian Schlitt who added six ground balls and two goals to his good face off win record, and sophomore Joe Friedman who gathered five ground balls.

Next up for the Dragons was North Farmington Harrison United (NFHU) on April 24. Thomas said the team is very athletic and has a very good goalie, so they would have to choose good spots to make the most of shot opportunities. He added they would have to use good team work as going one to one with NFHU would not “yield much success.” Orion will also face Farmington on April 26 at home.