Source: Sherman Publications

Operation Closet Make Over!

May 02, 2012

Just this past week, I overheard two different Avanti Salon Guests talk about having to find a new career; it seems that we are hearing that more and more these days. With Spring Cleaning startedÖthis is for you too!

If you are one of these people that have a new adventure in front of you, let us help you get on your way to a fun, new journey with a new look that will be just right for you, land that job that will be better than you ever expected!

Or maybe itís time for you to take care of you!

You donít have to break the bank to wow your perspective boss (or your husband if you work from home)! Just spend some time in your closet, get creative and donít forget the glass of wine.

Have you ever wondered how other women organize their closet? Call me weird, but I do. One day it was a topic of conversation at the salon. What I discovered was there were many different ways to organize and get Style Savvy with the clothes you already have!

Start by organizing shirts by length of sleeve and then by color, do the same with Jeans, trousers & skirts. Itís amazing how great your closet looks when this is done!

Next, give away anything that you havenít worn all year. I canít seem to do that, but this comes easier. Take the clothes you havenít worn all year and pack away in like a ďclothes time capsuleĒ and next season bring it out and it becomes new again, then add any new accessories to make your look new and different!

The other thing we all do at work is a clothes exchange! We clean out our closets and bring in bags of clothes that we donít wear any longer and then we all pick and choose what works with our wardrobe! Whatís left we donate. What really bumís me out is when someone wears one of my old shirts with a unique and different way that I would have never attempted and it looks amazingÖ I then have to refrain from asking for it back!

So recap so far, find clothes organize system that works for you, clean out any clothes that you havenít worn in the time frame that works for you. Organize a clothes swap with either your best friends, or your neighbors. Its fun and you get a different perspective without breaking the bank!

Shelly Kovach is a long time resident of Clarkston offering fashion-advice- solutions for everyday situations.