Source: Sherman Publications

Lay-offs hurt students

May 02, 2012

(In response to, “If this happens, we lose everything,” The Citizen, April 14, page 4)

Dear Editor,

I am tired of year after year hearing about how the Brandon School system is having to restructure because of its failure to effectively budget. Please tell me how laying off hard working individuals, specifically teachers, is going to help improve our school district. Are we really helping our students / children by increasing their class sizes? Is there any benefit, other than a monetary one to restructuring the elementary schools into the proposed options? Breaking these schools up into 2-3 grade levels per school is only going to instigate problems. Do you really want your child to be in 7 different schools by the time they graduate? What about families that have more than one child? Think about how difficult it would be not only for the parents but also for the children having to go from school to school It seems to me that the school itself losses its sense of identity and community. Why is it that the “proposed solution” is said to help save teachers’ jobs and yet by carrying out this plan it eliminates almost 7 teachers? What needs to happen is for the Board of Education to sit down with the “higher ups” downtown and the administration to come up with a better solution than laying off the teachers, custodial staff, and anyone else involved in the development and growth of our students /children. Layoffs seem like a temporary solution but it only hurts our students chances of receiving a quality education and enjoying their time in school.

Charlie Xavier