Source: Sherman Publications

Supporting students and teachers need to be our focal points

May 02, 2012

(In response to, "District cops SOC for high school, 'The Citizen', April 28, page 6).

This article contained a lot of factual information. However, it did not give enough information. In a previous article, the superintendent said that 85 percent of revenues are used for wages and salaries. Applying that percentage to the $2 million “netted” from the Schools of Choice (SOC) and the benefit to the District is substantially less. I expect that the amount “netted” is actually higher but no where near $2 million.

How does somebody wake up one morning and say it’s time to retire, let their employer announce a contract extension, tender their resigantion immediately afterward, and in almost the same breath say they might be open to a different job?

While SOC and the search for a new superintendent are currently big news items, we should be looking at student performance. After reviewing the MDE 2011 database of top to bottom schools, I am very concerned about student performance when compared to Grand Blanc. If you compare us to Rochester Schools, there is no comparison. I realize this is only one point of comparison but it does compare schools districts in the state.

I am making these comments and asking these questions because I believe in Goodrich Schools and I am hoping that my grandaughter will attend in the future. When we put numbers in the paper, it would be nice to know what effect they have on student achievement and what actions are being taken to impove. Supporting students and teachers need to be our focal points.

Since Board meetings are taped, why can’t they be placed on the District website for viewing. I believe that the cable franchise fees paid to Atlas Township could cover the costs.

Paul Witek