Source: Sherman Publications

Just what we need in Goodrich

May 02, 2012

(In response to: “Is this really what Goodrich needs?”, The Citizen, April 21, Page 6)

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter “Is this really what Goodrich needs?”, lamenting the opening of the new Dollar General, drug store and Bee Hive Consignment Shop/Flea Market in downtown Goodrich, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. As a resident of Goodrich that looked at decaying buildings for the last couple of years, I think we should be applauding people who have the courage to come in and try to build their business. If the attraction of more businesses is really the goal, the synergy coming from the new establishments will attract even more people to the downtown area. I shop at Flea Markets or Consignment Shops because I enjoy it. It will be nice to have the Dollar General to pick up last minute items, and not have to drive all the way to Davison or Grand Blanc for printing paper. I am very excited to see a new drug store open in town. I would like to welcome the new businesses to downtown Goodrich and wish them much success!

Lorna Bearup