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Wendi's Word
Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
Pinning away

by Wendi Reardon

May 09, 2012

Reasons I could never have a cell phone with apps.

The first reason is because I would definitely get Pandora - internet radio. Since someone said last week they didn't know what it was here is the cliff note version. Type in the singer or band you want to hear, and it will play their songs plus bands and artists that sound like them. I keep mine on a rotation of quite a few stations and different artists.

Sometimes a song will play and I just think, "how did you know, Pandora? This song is just what I needed." Not to mention it is great because it has limited commercials.

I am already leaning toward a new cell phone. My excuse is for the cardio stations programmed; it would really motivate me to go to the gym. Good excuse, isn't it?

Another reason, and I may have to go into a 12-step program for this one, Pinterest.

See I was always the person with a bulletin board and would pin magazine clippings or photos on the bulletin board. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board with no limitations.

I can make different boards and "pin" photos from other websites or other Pinterest users.

Here are a few categories you can find - food and exercising. I pick these two since they seem to be the most interesting combination. You find a lot of exercises to try, a lot of motivational sayings to get you going for exercise. Then, you click and find yourself on a recipe board with desserts. Quite dangerous.

So instead of doing the awesome exercise I found only taking up ten minutes of my time, I found desserts. Millions of colorful desserts of all shapes, sizes, and tastes sucking away two hours of my life and leaving my laptop with drool marks.

I will admit I am not as bad as I used to be. Probably because I avoid getting on my computer during the weekends. But I could only imagine if I had a cell phone with an app at my fingertips every minute of every day.

But I will stick to my cell phone. The slide keyboard for typing has grown on me.

Plus, it's nice to get away from technology once in awhile.