Source: Sherman Publications

Briefs - Orion Township Board of Trustees Consent Agenda

May 09, 2012

Village swim lessons-For over 25 years, Orion Township has contributed $2,000 to the Village of Lake Orion for its swim program at Greenís Park on Lake Orion. This program is available to Orion Township residents as well. The action before the board was to approve the allocation of the funds, which they allowed as part of the consent agenda.

Friendship Park Fencing Modifications - In less than a year two incidents at Friendship Park ball fields where emergency assistance was needed was interrupted when rescue trucks could not enter the field due to fences. To address the situation, Orion Township Building Official Tom Berger and Supervisor JoAnn VanTassel visited the field with Assistant Fire Chief Bob Smith and Park Maintenance Crew Leader Dave Osstyn. It was agreed to remove the existing gates, and install new ones. The action was to award the contract for these changes to Motor City Fence Company due to their low bid of $8.260 and $1,750 for the dumpster gates. The board approved the recommendation as part of the consent agenda.