Source: Sherman Publications


May 09, 2012

Dear Editor,

It’s a simple gift to our community: a bunch of teen-agers who devote one day a year to Rockin’ and Rakin’. They go to the homes of a number of senior citizens and do outdoor chores that would be hard for senior citizens to do themselves. The community looks better and senior citizens have smiles on their faces.

A simple gift. And countless hours of behind-the scenes planning and coordinating, for which our Township Clerk, Jeannie McCreery, working with the Senior Center, deserves most of the credit.

In a time of so much animosity and division, it’s a hopeful miracle that youth groups from two of our local churches, Lake Louise Church of the Nazarene, and St. Annes Catholic Church, came together with Katie Marsh’s Revolution In Our Town (RIOT), Brandon Alternative Schools, Brandon Schools’ National Honor Society and Student Council in such a loving way.

In less than an hour, they’d washed my outside windows, picked up deadfall, and spread 2 yards of mulch on my garden beds. As they were leaving, Al Guzdzial, a member of the Christian Motorcyclist’s Association came to my door. “We’re out of mulch”, he said. If you want to order some more, I’ll pick it up, deliver it, and spread it for you.” He did. No sermon. All he said was, “I just like doing good.”

Can it be that this is what this world is coming to? Simple gifts: Compassion, Caring, Community? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Thank you, Rockers & Rakers, thank you Jeannie, thank you Al.


Lois Robbins