Source: Sherman Publications

Work together now to fix schools

May 16, 2012

Now that voters' views are clear, school leaders and residents must work together to improve local education.

Last week's lopsided vote, 5,755-2,945 against, show this hasn't been happening.

School district leaders worked hard to present their case for approving a one-mill property tax increase for a $20 million non-qualified bond, but they didn't check with voters first to see if they would support it.

That must change as we move forward.

The plan to reform classrooms with tablet computers for students and teachers is impressive and the way of the future, and school roofs, boilers, and other capital projects still need doing.

So school leaders, reach out to the community to see what partnerships and resources are available. Residents and business leaders, reach out to the school board and administration to see what you can do to make it happen.

With taxes off the table for the moment, this is an opportunity to get together and make it work.