Source: Sherman Publications

Students stand against bullying

by Trevor Keiser

May 16, 2012

Lake Orion and Oxford Schools joined together against bullying. On May 4 the school district participated in “Stand 4 Change Day.”

“It’s really nice for everybody to stand together in such a big group especially and stand against bullying,” said Shannon Line from Scripps Middle School. “To let everyone know there is someone out there you can look to for help. Just be there for each other and fight against bullying.”

All 11 schools in Lake Orion and all eight schools in Oxford with a total student count of 12,700 participated. Each school’s students, stood outside and formed a word as a helicopter flew over head and took a picture of each word. When completed the message was “Be the change you want to see in the world. Lake Orion and Oxford join together 2 STAND 4 change.”

“I think it was a good message we spelled out,” said Scripps Middle School student Natalie Cerny. “It’s a good way to show how we’re trying to stop and prevent bullying. It was cool.”

The message also had a heart at the end which was formed by Lake Orion and Oxford Bully Busters.

“Bully Busters” are high school students trained in the Olweus Bully Prevention Program and they volunteer their time to help stop bullying in the middle school by running weekly class meetings with sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

“It was a great way to connect with our Oxford Bully Busters, to show we’re all connected and we stand for the same cause,” said Jacob Maurer.

Fellow Bully Buster, Leah Deciechi agreed.

“I just think it’s a good experience for everyone to see both of our communities because Oxford and Orion have been rivals in sports and stuff,” she said. “So it’s good to see us come together.”

Orion Oaks Fourth Grader Megan Singer liked the message because she thought it helped “people understand not to bully.”

“I really think our principal did something really good for us,” Singer said. “I’m really happy about it.”

Classmate Jacob Lasher said he’s had a lot of experience with bullying.

“I’ve seen people getting bullied, I’ve been bullied and it’s not fair,” he said “It’s cruel.”

Lasher thought Stand 4 Change was “amazing” and it was cool he got to participate.

“I would like to do more,” added Lasher. “But if this is the best I can do I really love this chance because I hate bullying.”