Source: Sherman Publications

OLHSA announces affordable assistance
Fee-for-service program gives back to nonprofits

May 16, 2012

OLHSA, a Community Action Agency, is a nonprofit that helps struggling families in Oakland and Livingston counties improve their quality of life. We work with residents of all ages to create meaningful change and real opportunities for success.

These days innovation is taking a front seat at OLHSA. A service that has long been provided to help seniors maintain independence is expanding and launching in a whole new way. OLHSA is proud to introduce Affordable Assistance.

Residents across southeast Michigan can now hire Affordable Assistance to help around the house, with everything from yard work, to cleaning, home organization, grocery shopping, and more. Affordable Assistance makes life a little easier for seniors living alone, busy families who need an extra hand, or those who simply want someone else to do the work.

The work can be done as a one-time job, a monthly plan, or anything in between. Individual plans will be created for each client, and rates will always be very competitive.

The best part is, the profit from Affordable Assistance goes straight to helping OLHSA provide the free services desperately needed by so many of our neighbors. By hiring Affordable Assistance, clients are giving back to their community.

For more information, or to begin the process, please visit, call 248.209.2675, or email