Source: Sherman Publications

Top scholars win awards

by Mary Keck

May 23, 2012

Clarkston Community Schools recognized 30 seniors at an Awards Breakfast sponsored by Clarkston State Bank on May 15.

“This group of students really challenged themselves academically,” Principal Gary Kaul said. Most of those accepting awards took advanced studies courses, earned strong GPAs, or scored well on the ACTs.

Although they’ll be graduating, their hard work isn’t finished as many students intend to continue their educations. For example, Seniors Amber Gustafson, Jessica Moreno, Spenser Pawlik, and Andrew Riggs plan to attend the University of Michigan in the fall. Others like Chelsea Chase, Kristina Ballough, and Evan Gorgas will pursue careers in the medical field.

“I’m really excited,” Chase said of attending Hope College in the fall.

Although she’s looking forward to a change of scenery, she acknowledged, “it’s nice that you work so hard all through high school to be recognized and see other people recognized.”

Caleb Jenkins agreed.

“It feels good, and it’s nice to be graduating,” said Jenkins, who plans to attend Albion and study engineering.

While many will remain in Michigan after graduating, some in the 2012 class will be looking to schools out of state like aspiring neuroscientist Adriana Prada who will do her academic work at the University of Chicago.

Senior Danielle Dunn was accepted to Marquette University in Wisconsin and hopes to major in biological sciences. Other graduates will study in the South like Tyler DeCoster and Nicholas Dahl who will head down to the University of Alabama.

“It makes me hopeful for the future,” Renaissance High School Principal Billie Pambid said of the graduates. “They’re outstanding.”