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Don't Rush Me
Some things that have come up
UN Agenda 21 and more!

by Don Rush

May 23, 2012

As I pop in and around this community and the surrounding communities, lots of folks seek me out to give their opinions on stuff. (I haven’t figured out why they don’t ask for my opinion, though, so I am usually relegated to giving it en masse in these, the hallowed halls of Don’tRushMedom.)

First, what has come up.

One gent has hounded me for the last few weeks to look into the United Nations’ Agenda 21.

Agenda 21, websites report, uses the guise of “sustainable development” as a nice way to weasel into our lives. It was the brain child of the 1992 climate control consortium of governments in Brazil. It has not been ratified by Congress.

Backed by ultra-rich and left-leaning George Soros, some American communities have received grants to further Agenda 21 planning. In Michigan, one website reports Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Ferndale, Flint, Grand Rapids and Traverse City are tripping down the Agenda 21 pathway.

There’s a growing group of folks who think Agenda 21 is sneaking in through the back-door (because

Congress won’t ratify it), bent on stripping Americans’ unalienable rights originally enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. Sustainable development will override property rights and eventually lead to population control.

Since I have only about 28 hours a day to do my stuff, I have only allocated 15 minutes to research this.

If anybody wants to know about it, I encourage you to investigate. It’s interesting to note, both Kansas and Tennessee legislatures have gone on record as opposing Agenda 21.

My opinion? Property rights and population control, hmm? “Property rights” is an oxymoronic term anymore, anyway. The government really owns the property, we just pay rent.

Heck, you can work like the devil for decades to pay off the bank note, but forget to pay taxes and you’re out on your keester.

And, let’s not even go down the eminent domain alley, it is just too dark.

My thoughts on population control? I could care less.

I personally took care of that in 2002 and will no longer be contributing to the overpopulation of resource destroying, air-breathing, gas-producing carbon-based life forms.

* * *

And since we are on government overstepping, or stomping on anything resembling life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . . . I read on-line (so it has to be true) the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is proposing to track every vehicle on Utah’s Interstate 15, collecting this data and sharing it with other government types.

The writer of this article stated the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state of Connecticut and Washington, District of Criminals already do this.

They know who comes in, where they go, what intercessions they turn on and they store this info for up to three years.

(Note to self: don’t drive over the borders of Connecticut, Massachusetts nor Washington, D.C.)

(Note 2 to self: what is a commonwealth and is their a commonpoor, and if there is am I a native of such a place because sometimes it feels so and everybody knows feelings are only based on reality).

* * *

In Clarkston recently, the community said “no” not to kids, but to the school board, when they turned down a $20 million bond proposal.

The vote was against this board’s recent activities but more with boards of education of the last 15 years.

I believe Superintendent Rock has taken the hit for sins of the past, which he had nothing to do with.

I believe this board moved too fast on this failed bond, gambled with and threw away $35,000 (the cost of the election) that would have been better spent on educating kids.

I believe most who voted against the proposal, would vote for something less farfetched.

Should the board come back with another bond proposal, they first need to get folks together who are not in lock-step with them.

They need thoughtful skeptics and watchdogs. They don’t need yes-men and lapdogs. They need to trust more than themselves.

(Note 3 to self: you may have just volunteered for duty, best start clearing the calendar).