Source: Sherman Publications

The Citizen delivered late

May 23, 2012

For the past 17 years The Citizen has partnered with community residents, businesses, local government and the U.S.Post office. We relied on our partners to get a quality product out the door on time.

Everybody wants to trust their partners and unfortunately sometimes that trust gets broken.

Our trust with the post office is now broken.

Those of you in Ortonville may be wondering why you didnít get your Citizen on Saturday like normal or on Monday. We wonder, too. See, we pay nearly a $1,000 a week to the Ortonville Post Office to deliver The Citizenóthatís about $44,000 a year. This past week our postal employees (government workers work for you and me) refused to deliver The Citizen until Tuesday, because the paperwork didnít jive with what they had in their hands, instead of doing the job of sampling others in the sack. We pay postage based on weight, we had two of the same inserts in our sample paper, after taking the extra insert out the paper weight was exactly what we said, but that was more than this person could handle.

As publisher I apologize for this, to the readers and businesses that support my employees and this newspaper. Donít blame your mail carrier, this was Ortonville management, the worst post office in Michigan and training ground for how itís not done. Oh, I am still waiting for a return phone call from the government-run post office, does anyone think that call will come?