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Oxford Village
Synopsis or regular council meeting May 22, 2012

May 30, 2012

village of oxford

Synopsis or regular council meeting May 22, 2012

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance- moment of silence for our troops in the Armed Forces.

2. Roll Call- Albensi, Bailey, Helmuth, Nichols, President Benner

3. Approval of Minutes- Minutes of May 8, 2012 as amended - Motion carried.

4. Approve the agenda – Motion carried.

5. Public Hearings/Presentations-

1. Public Hearing for Proposed Fy’ 12-13 Budget and Truth in Taxation- Motion to open Public Hearing -Public Comments-Motion to close Public Hearing-Motions carried.

7. Consent Agenda:

A. Correspondence: Letter, Reports and Minutes – Motion carried to received & file –

Board, Commission & Committee Updates: Presented information on the following:

DDA, Planning Commission, ZBA, Polly Ann Trail, NOTA, OAYA, Cable Commission.

B. Appointments to Boards and Commissions – none

C. CDBG update- no change

8. Approved Bills - bill run dated May 18, 2012 amount of $55,492.08. Motion carried.

9. Unfinished/Old Business –

1. Interviews of Planning Consultants and Contract- Motion carried to set aside.

2. Continue current contract 1 month for McKenna & Assoc.-Motion carried.

3. Review of Planning Consults Carlisle Wortman and McKenna & Assoc. at next regular Planning Commission meeting-Motion carried

10. New Business

A. Schedule meeting State Police for Investigation Update-Motion carried for June 7, 2012.

B. Telephone Service Proposal-3 year Contract with Cbeyond - Motion carried.

C. Copier/Printer Sale to Immanuel Cong. Church of Christ for $600–Motion carried.

D. DDA Receivables-Transfer Funds and fund resolution -Set aside-Motion carried.

E. Recognition of Oxford Police Reserves for nonprofit status – Motion carried.

F. First Reading Ord. Amendment-Enhanced Drunk (high BAC) Driving–Motion carried.

G. First Reading Ord. Amendment adopt Building Codes without attorney’s language-Motion carried.

H. Special Assessments-delinquent bills-water & other for $30,679.14 less applicable payments made – Motion carried.

I. Current Budget FY ‘12 and Proposed FY ’12-13 –Motion carried.

Adoption of FY ’11-12 Budget and setting tax millage rate at 10.62 mills – Motion carried.

Monthly Financial Report and budget amendments- request to eliminate DPW laborer position- Motion carried.

11. Public Comment

12. Manager’s Report

13. Clerk’s Report

14. Council Comments

15. Adjournment at 10:16 pm - Motion carried.