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2012 fireworks set to explode June 30, support still needed

by Trevor Keiser

May 30, 2012

Like last year, the Lake Orion Fireworks Association (LOFA) is hoping to make this year’s celebration of Independence start and end with a boom, on June 30 but they need your support.

The LOFA is once again selling 2,000 raffle tickets and offering 20 cash prize payouts ranging from $10,000 to $50 each. Tickets can be purchased for $25 each at Sagebrush .

Cantina, Christie’s Bar & Grill, Hollywood Market, Pugh’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and If weather delay should happen June 30, the display will be held July 7.

“We still plan on doing a $30,000 show,” said Carl Cyrowski, president of LOFA. “That’s only $25,000 of what we need if we sell all the tickets.”

Cyrowski said they’ve already held four poker tournaments and used the seed to money to pay for their computer listing mail out to supporters. Their next big fundraiser will be their annual breakfast/brunch at the Lake Orion Boat Club on June 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“There will again be a free boat shuttle service available from the dock on Lake Orion behind the Porritt Ligh House building on M-24 north of Heights Road across from McDonalds,” he said.

The fireworks will once again be held off the barge on Lake Orion which again will be anchored of Squaw Island.

“We’re hoping this year to do some rounds that go higher into the air and we’re investigating how we can secure the barge a little better so we don’t sink it,” added Cyrowski. “If you’re near the barge when those fireworks start going off it looks like it’s going under water anytime.”

Cyrowski said they have supporters that are not on Lake Orion, so they want the fireworks to be able to be seen from further distances away, which is another reason for getting fireworks that go higher into the air. This year there will also be a company called Glow Works selling glow sticks the day and night of the fireworks, as well as a vendor at Auto Zone selling different kinds of food.

While many communities have canceled their fireworks due to budget shortfalls, Cyrowski is proud they’ve never relied on or accepted any money from local government.

“This is a show for the people and paid for by the people,” he said. “We’ve ordered the show. We just need to raise enough money to pay for it.”

The LOFA is a non-profit 501-C4 so donations may be tax deductible, but check with your tax advisor to make sure. Those interested in mailing in donations may send it to the Lake Orion Fireworks Association 3912 Silvery Valley Dr. Orion, Mi 48359. For more information check out