Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford remembers the fallen

by CJ Carnacchio

May 30, 2012

Long after the roar of the canons has ceased . . . we remember.

Long after we’ve won the peace, one more time . . . we remember.

Long after the weary soldier has carried his lifeless comrade off the smoking battlefield . . . we remember.

Long after a heartbroken mother’s tears have dried . . . we remember.

Long after a grieving young widow’s been presented the flag that draped her husband’s casket . . . we remember.

Long after a little boy stops waiting by the window for a father who will never come home . . . we remember.

We remember not because we’re forced to, but because we choose to. We remember not because we desire to dwell in sadness, but because we wish to honor sacrifice.

We remember so that future generations do not forget all those who fought, bled and died for a cause greater than themselves.