Source: Sherman Publications

City abandons building plans

by Mary Keck

June 06, 2012

In light of an estimated $200,000 cost for a new addition, Clarkston City Council voted unanimously to discontinue plans to move DPW equipment out of 3 E. Church into a new building.

The decision is a result of concern over the projected $600,000 deficit in the 2013 budget, as well as public criticism.

Council Member Peg Roth said she received a couple critical emails from citizens, and Mayor Joe Luginski admitted he’d heard “what are you thinking?” from some residents.

“The reason we started investigating this concept was we thought we could build on enough to fit our needs and pay the same amount or less than what we’re paying at 3 E. Church. Apparently, that’s not the case,” Councilman Tom Hunter summed up.

Mayor Luginski said the city had an “unrealistic expectation of what the cost would be.”

Now that the council has weighed their options, they’ll continue paying about $25,000 each year to rent at 3 E. Church, but they still must iron out the sizeable deficit in next year’s budget.

A public hearing on the 2013 budget is scheduled for June 11 at 7 p.m. at the City Hall.