Source: Sherman Publications

Scouts learn to fly with RC group

June 06, 2012

Pontiac Miniature Aircraft Club (PMAC) hosted 62 Clarkston-area Girl Scouts at the Girl Scout Aviation Day, May 12.

The day included aviation mini-seminars, training on the club' s computer simulators and "buddy box" flying with instructors on the flightline.

Jeane Smith, an experienced RC pilot, taught "Women in Aviation." Kathleen Johnson, an air traffic controller in Pontiac tower, spoke on careers for women in the FAA, and how she got into air traffic control. Heidi Weger, both a commercial airfreight pilot, and an air rescue helicopter pilot, talked about her path up through the aviation ranks.

PMAC invites Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the general community to their flying field on a three-year rotation.

For more information, email PMAC