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New soccer club seeks young booters

by Lance Farrell

June 13, 2012

Attention young booters! There’s a new soccer club in town!

Directed by Larry Ferris, varsity coach for the Oxford High School girls soccer team, the newly-formed OX United Soccer Club will hold tryouts on June 16-17 at the Kingsbury Country Day School (5000 Hosner Rd.) in Addison Township.

According to Ferris, team members will be chosen based on criteria including technical skill, work ethic, team play, speed of play and knowledge of the game.

OX United will be a part of the larger Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, which is a league that plays other teams from the I-75 corridor.

Once players are sorted in the June 16 and 17 tryouts, team practices are expected to begin near the end of July, with games starting around Labor Day.

Ferris knows that soccer is a fast-growing sport. In Michigan , the number of participants has shot up 25,000 in the last two years alone. Ferris has started the new club to ensure that players coming up are prepared for the level of competition they will face in high school soccer.

In addition to the sport training itself, Ferris looks to implement a fitness regimen based on the Powerhouse “NXT” Training model. The NXT training will be held once a week during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Without dismissing the intensity and fitness required in other sports, soccer is one of the few sports that offers a full body workout, Ferris said. “Soccer combines fifty minutes of running, often with twenty or thirty yard sprints, with an emphasis on total body stability, agility and core strength.” Ferris believes that “if you're with the right soccer coach at an early age, (you’ll have) that little edge of fitness.”

A full schedule of fees and tryout times can be found on the club website (

For further information on joining the OX United Soccer Club, contact Larry Ferris at (248) 413-7636 or through email at