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Don't Rush Me
Healing Touch with Janet Tait and BB gun justice, together in one column!

by Don Rush

June 20, 2012

So, in April I wrote about this newspaper’s efforts to support local businesses with our free “hippie” networking groups, the Coffee Club. In that column first published on April 25, 2012, was this one paragraph with 34 words. The paragraph:

“Nor would I have met healing touch practitioner Janet Tait (her biz, Wellness Enhancement is in Clarkston). And if I didn’t meet Janet, I wouldn’t have had my shakra’s opened geo (or is it electro?) magnetically.”

Well . . . in my zeal to entertain and write off the cuff, dear Janet was worried I may have sent the wrong impression of who she is and what she do. She quickly contacted me and set up an appointment to help clarify things. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Janet and talked to her. Apparently, some folk think healing touch is something other than what it is. It is says, she, based on quantum physics -- energy.

In short, it ain’t magic folks, it’s science!

Janet is a Registered Nurse (RN for shot) and has been since 1969. Since then (aside from raising a family with her husband), she been about helping people. She broadened the scope of her help through healing touch in 1996.

And, what does healing touch do? The way I see it, it helps the body heal by reducing stress. Reducing stress calms anxiety, which reduces depression and possibly pain. Reducing pain and anxiety, one can deduce, strengthens a body’s immune system. Taking this line of reason a step further -- reduced stress, pain, anxiety and increased immune systems must be good for a person.

Janet has had much success in helping folks recover from surgery and cancer treatment. She has helped ease chronic conditions, aches and pains.

Her deep desire to help people led to healing touch and she has traversed the globe teaching other nurses, too.

After Janet did me (in the healing touch way), I left very relaxed. I was on the table for about 45 minutes, I recall. A sore spot on my left shoulder was sore no more. What’s more, what folks may or may not know, is there is little physical touch in healing touch. With the proper training, state of mind and intentions a practitioner “smooths” out ripples surrounding a body. (The words “smooth” and “ripples” are my words, however Janet stressed the importance of the word “intentions”.)

If you want to know Janet has a website you can visit,

* * *

Back to the garden. A couple o’ weeks ago, your faithful scribe (that would be me) put down in words what has been happening in his garden. The war being waged by nature’s warriors (deer, moles, voles, wascawy wabbits, slugs and icky earwigs) has been nothing short of, well, depressing.

The latest casualties were two red chili pepper plants. Both were leveled to the ground, a few leaves chewed, but all the inch-long, still green peppers were left unmolested. I am getting close to some taking off the gloves and going all medieval not only the creepy-crawlies, but the cute and fuzzy critters, too.

The phrase “b-b gun justice” keeps popping into my head. I don’t know what my subconscious is trying to tell the Zen Don part of my multiple personality, but it can’t be good.

* * *

I know it’s summer and I know I am being optimistic, but I am hoping for some nice positive advertising about a candidate for president by the candidate for president, versus a mud-slinging bonanza.

We’ll see how that works out for me. And as always, your comments are appreciated. Send me an e-mail to