Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor
Concern about Clarkston Schools’ global curriculum

June 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

Beyond the dollar controversy surrounding the recently defeated - for now - school bond issue there is a lurking philosophy that I find more distressing then the request for a tax hike.

When I moved here in 1994 my children were out of K through 12 and, fortunately, beyond the clutches of teachers who wanted to make them "citizens of the world."

The Bloomfield Hills schools they attended provided a good education and taught them the value of international awareness.

But, at that time any way, they also wanted their pupils to understand the inestimable value of being Americans.

I must confess that because my children did not attend Clarkston schools I was not paying the attention that the system deserved.

It has my attention now, and I would like to know if the residents of Independence Township are listening to the current school superintendent.

His stated long term goal is that the children "learn to adapt to a diverse and dynamic global society."

Is one world government next on the curriculum?

JoAnn Sellers

Independence Township