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OHS senior participates in interactive medical experience

by Lance Farrell

June 20, 2012

Oxford High School senior Lauren Rechenbach-Chapman has just returned from the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED), an interactive medical educational experience held on the campus of the University of North Carolina.

Chapman is a school-of-choice student from Metamora and has been pursuing a tough math and science curriculum while a Wildcat.

She has achieved a 3.9 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society.

After high school Lauren plans to enter the field of pediatrics. The Oxford senior said that she’s “always wanted to work with children,” either as an educator or a health practitioner. This awareness came to her when she was eleven, and since then has found that she loves “working with kids, and helping them to achieve a healthy future” the young scholar noted.

Attending NYLF/MED helped her to know for certain that she’s chosen the right career path, Chapman said. A visit to Chapel Hill accomplished this for Chapman because she received hands-on medical experience, witnessed a live knee surgery, attended a panel on medical ethics, and toured hospitals with highly regarded physicians. She was also awarded two college credits for her participation.

OHS Academic & Career Transitions Coordinator Kai-Lynn Rim nominated Chapman for the NYLF/MED after Chapman demonstrated consistent academic excellence.

Rim indicated that potential candidates are virtually self-selected after counselors view student-composed career development plans and academic records.

Oxford guidance counselor Mary Guzik said that Chapman is very motivated, one who “takes advantage of the curriculum at OHS . . . (with) a lot of those positive personal traits you’d like to see in a student.” Kim confirmed that Chapman is a “model student . . who handles herself with a lot of confidence and kindness.”

In addition to “broaden (ing) her preparation” through this important exposure to the medical profession, Chapman also broadened her relationships among the faculty, physicians, and peers who attend the forum, Rim said.

Approximately twelve OHS students are nominated for the NYLF/MED each year. The nearly $3,000 in associated costs are seen as prohibitive by the majority who decline the nomination, however. Typically only one student from Oxford will attend every couple of years, Ms. Rim said.

Kim said that feedback from OHS students about NYLF/MED has always been “really excellent.”

Chapman is of the same mind, and advises other students to look into the program. “It really puts you ahead,” she said, “and the cost is worth it.”

In addition to NYLF/MED, OHS offers access to many comparable professional and career prep seminars. The most recent list of student opportunities can be seen at

Many other professional preparation programs are accessible to Oakland County students as well. The Beaumont Saturday series, for example, is a local partnership between Oakland County schools and the William Beaumont and Royal Oaks hospitals.

To learn more about the Saturday series and other Oakland County career prep programs, look at, or contact Cathie Schultz at 248.209.2031.

Parents and students interested in following Chapman at the NYLF/MED can contact the Oxford High School career counselors.

Rim can be reached via email at and Mary Guzik at