Source: Sherman Publications

Teens showcase imagination

by Mary Keck

June 27, 2012

Sculptures, paintings, photographs, and other works of art were on display at the Independence Township Library’s “Imagine That!” Teen Art Show on Friday, June 22. With over 70 pieces of artwork available to view, it was obvious that our local youth is truly talented!

Freshman Joshua Retford blended the bodies of an elephant and a deer together to create his “Elephant/Deer Mirage” while 6th grader Max Anderson sculpted a colorful jaguar. Teens weren’t just drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom, however.

Sophomore Kierra Williams opted for a self-portrait while artist Tina Barr chose to sketch one of her favorite TV actors. She said, “I love the show Dr. Who. So, I thought, why not make a portrait of David Tennant?” Barr was participating in the Library’s Teen Art Show for the first time and admired the work of fellow artists. “I really like some of the other stuff!” she said.

According to 11th grader Olivia Brinker, participating in the Teen Art Show allows teens to “be really creative and do what you want.” She completed her “Untitled” artwork with the help of her teacher, placing “cool colors on one side and warm colors on the other. Then, blending them together in the center,” she explained.

Mixing colors, materials, and styles was a common sight at “Imagine That!” For example, Kevin Halley fused a musical instrument with pipes and metalwork to create his “Steampunk/Industrial Guitar.” Kaley Konjarevich channeled famous artist Wassily Kandinsky to develop her abstract work titled “Kandinsky Extension.” In Erika Snoeyink’s “Readable Lips,” colorful strips of newspaper were layered in a mosaic to form two mouths mid-kiss.

Although viewers of the Library’s Teen Art Show had a tough time choosing among so many imaginative works, when the ballots were tallied, the winners in the People and Characters category were Natalie Smith, Tina Barr, and Andrea Dean. Winner of Designs and Studies were Erika Snoeyink, Taylor Funck, and Olivia Brinker.

In Animals and Other Scenes, the winners were Katherine Nelson, Mia Chandler, and Alona Lysa. For Digital, Design, and Prints Jordan Keener came in first, with Tessa Brown winning second place, and Janine Karin Roemer winning third. For their 3 Dimensional art, Kevin Halley, Kendal Exelby, and Jared Groves were chosen as winners. Everyone who participated received a certificate and a custom chocolate paint pallet made by The Chocolate Moose.

“Even though not everyone could win, I really hope this event is something they were all proud to be a part of,” Keegan Sulecki Head of Teen Services said. “This was the fourth year of the art show, and this year more than any other, I see that this event is becoming something special and meaningful in the minds of teens and their families.”

The fun for teens doesn’t end with “Imagine That!” They can also get involved in the library’s Solar-Powered Prints activity on June 27, Teen Mystery Dinner on July 20, or America's Next Top Monster on July 25. The Teen Art Show was sponsored in part by The Friends of the Library; find out more about them and the library’s other programs on www.