Source: Sherman Publications

Adventures in Fun

by Wendi Reardon

July 04, 2012

Jennifer Starnes swung her bat at the ball and hit it off the tee stand.

As the opposing team scrambled for the ball she made her run during the last day of Adventures in Softball.

The camp was held for young athletes ages 7-12.

"It was so fun," said one of the coaches, Rachel Pytel. "These are great kids. They really love the game and show us why we started playing in the first place. They go out there and have fun."

Maddie Kujala agreed it was fun.

"I learned how to slide, hit and become a better player," she smiled, adding the slip and slide on the last day was a perk.

"We teach them fundamentals and they get to see what girls look like that are playing varsity softball," added Don Peters, head coach for the Lady Wolves Varsity Softball team.

The campers learned how to throw, field, hit, bunt, pitch, catch and base running from the varsity players on the Clarkston Girls Varsity Softball team.

"We have a ton of young ladies here working with them," he added. “They get a role model and see this is what she did and think 'I would like to get there.' Plus, show them it is fun."

All the girls will also get a bonus camp from Peters and the players during the winter they can go to as well.

"This is what is good about school, this is what good about Clarkston, this is what good," Peters said about the camp and sports. "You hear too much negative things. You can see why it is awesome."

Adventures in Softball was held by Clarkston Community Education. For more information or more summer programs, visit