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Letter To The Editor
Director urges patience

July 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

Last February, when I took over as Program Manager of Independence Television (then known as the Clarkston Public Access Center), it was made clear to me that connecting our signals to AT&T U-verse was a top priority. At the time I had no idea how complicated that would be.

AT&T is fairly specific about what equipment is to be used in connecting with their system.

Since some of the gear isnít normally part of a television studio, we had to do an upgrade of our existing system. This quickly became a fairly large project for the studio which has been time-consuming and often frustrating.

Iíve received calls from many of our residents who want access to our service, and I wish I had been able to tell them something better than, ďPlease, be patient.Ē

We are now in the final steps of getting connected to our AT&T U-verse residents. Equipment has been ordered, and we will soon have the high-speed internet lines that are required to send the signal to AT&T. I hope to have both our Community and Government Channels on the system by the end of August.

In addition, this upgrade to our equipment will allow us to expand our services to the internet. Sometime this fall our channels will begin streaming on-line, giving every resident of Independence Township access to government meetings and community television programs.

Weíll even make the meetings available on-demand so that you can watch them on your schedule instead of ours.

I greatly appreciate the patience and support of everyone in our community as we work to make our service more accessible. Please donít hesitate to call or stop by our studio if you have any questions or comments.


Joe Barnhart, program manager

Independence Television