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Letter To The Editor
Support based on record

July 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

Neil Wallace is a man of integrity, purpose and vision. He has not missed a meeting in the last four years as a trustee.

Neil does his homework and always comes prepared to every meeting to focus on the challenges and needs of the township.

During the last four years he has promoted citizen participation by increasing transparency by pushing for even the township special meetings to be broadcast on cable and persuading the Township Board that both the treasurer’s investment reports and the budget should be posted on the township’s website.

I would also like to point out some of his other accomplishments by starting with his proposal and subsequent adoption by the board to change the budget process to be more efficient and effective.

There is now an in-depth analysis of the budget on a monthly basis with special meetings to look at it department by department.

Neil also champions citizen involvement in their local government.

He created an Operations Review Task Force which examined each department of the township and made recommendations to the board for streamlining operations and saving money.

He led the initiative and persuaded the board to pass a change to the elected official’s retiree health care, which benefited the supervisor, clerk and treasurer’s positions.

Previously, with just eight years of service the township taxpayers would have to pay for these officials to have life-time health care.

Now the threshold is 16 years.

I believe that with his proven leadership, Independence Township can only move forward in the next four years. Vote for Neil Wallace for supervisor.

Lois Seddon

Independence Township