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Letter To The Editor
Keep incumbents

July 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am voting for Neil Wallace for Independence Township Supervisor. I will also be voting to re-elect Dave Lohmeier, trustee.

I recently heard another candidate for supervisor say Township Board meetings are too long. I watch the meetings and have participated in many. Prior to their announcing to run for supervisor, I had not seen any of the other supervisor candidates participating as concerned citizens. Where were they? I know that Neil has been to all of the meetings and Dave has missed very few. Neil and Dave are always well prepared for discussing the items on the agenda. This leads to informed discussions.

What would other candidates change in order to shorten meetings? Limit citizen participation? Decide issues behind closed doors before the meetings? Let unelected staff decide important issues just so the meetings are shorter?

I expect an open, robust debate in which the public and board members try to persuade one another to make good decisions and do what is best for our community.

For me it is interesting and important to understand how and why my elected representatives are making their decisions and not just what they decide. It would be wrong to have the meetings artificially cut short, just so they are short.

Since the beginning of the year, Neil Wallace has been running the meetings smoothly as chairman. For the last couple of months, with the two most disruptive board members missing, the meetings run even more smoothly. It also helps that the board trusts Bart Clark and that, as superintendent, he is doing such a fine job.

On Aug. 7 we all need to take the time to elect Neil Wallace for supervisor and re-elect David Lohmeier as trustee.

Rick Gutowski

Independence Township