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Letter To The Editor
Waring for supervisor

July 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to support Todd Waring for supervisor. He is a hard working, self-made business man. He is well spoken and comes precisely to the point.

He wonít need 4-5 hours to conduct the Township business each meeting.. The days of meetings every week will be over. There will be no more letting the public sit until 11:30 p.m. to speak to the board. Todd now has people in whom he trusts to manage his business while he oversees it. Todd doesnít feel he has to micro-manage every employee and watch their every step.

Mr. Waring has many good ideas for the future of Independence Township. He has stated that he is in favor of bringing business to the township within the Master Plan. Planned development wonít grind to a stop, or take months to bring about, eventually driving away viable businesses.

Since he has had to sell all his life to have business, he knows how, and plans to, Ďsellí Independence Township to corporations which will hire our residents, buy our homes, support our schools and increase the tax base. This will be good for all of us! I have lived in Independence Township for over 40 years.

I just canít see the same sad situation continue that we now have on the Township Board.

It is imperative that we see a change. Aug. 7 vote Todd Waring for Independence Township supervisor.

Delbert McCrary

Independence Township