Source: Sherman Publications

Marijuana growers have registry cards

by CJ Carnacchio

July 11, 2012

Three individuals who were discovered growing marijuana across the street from Oxford High School will not face any criminal charges because they’re all registered with the state to do so for medicinal purposes.

“The last I heard all three of the people living in that house had medical marijuana cards,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Det. Jason Louwaert. “It doesn’t sound like anything’s going to come of it because it’s legal for them to have marijuana and they’re within their limits (with regard to) the amount of plants they can have.”

During the course of battling a July 3 house fire in the 700 block of N. Oxford Rd., firefighters discovered approximately 28 marijuana plants growing inside the home. The kitchen had been converted into a growing area.

The occupants, two males and one female all in their 20s, told police they were state-registered caregivers and patients, but their cards were destroyed in the fire.

The sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Team confiscated the plants until their story could be verified with the state.

Under state law, registered patients can grow up to 12 marijuana plants for their own personal use. Each registered caregiver can assist up to five registered patients and is allowed to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants per patient.

Although the house is technically located within a drug-free school zone – which means the penalties for illegal drug-related activities in this area are stiffer – because all three are registered under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, their growing operation is permitted there.

“The law only applies to illegal drug activity in a school zone,” noted Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Patterson.