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Don't Rush Me
Fireworks, the future, lies and innuendo
(All rolled up neatly in one stupid column)

by Don Rush

July 18, 2012

I know, I know . . . I am late on the whiner’s wagon in regards to crying about the excessive displays of selfishness taking over Michigan. Of course, I am talking about the evening hour shenanigans and fireworks.

Come on already folks, July 4 was half a month ago!

I know the state still has high unenjoyment, but most of us still have jobs and some of us actually get up around five in the morning. To be jolted awake by firecrackers or other explosions is getting old. And, I for one need all the beauty sleep I can get. So, in that I am being selfish when I ask:

Parents -- teach your kids about respect.

Kids -- ask your neighbors (during daylight hours) if it’s okay to light ‘em up during the work week (or better yet, just assume Sunday through Thursday it’s not nice to shoot off your fireworks.)

Folks -- it doesn’t sound like I am whining, too much . . . does it? By the way, you can thank reader “Sparky” for that part of my column. She whined, too.

* * *

I once had an idea for a futuristic, science fiction type book that made Michigan the new hip place to to live in and frolic around. The premiss: Global warming made living in today’s current hot spots (California, New York, Florida, etc) non-livable. In my future-world it was too hot to live in the south and both the Left and the East coasts were lost to earthquakes and rising oceanic waters.

The country wanted fresh water from the Great Lakes, but somehow the Midwest was able to fend off efforts to pipe water away. Michigan, with all its water and beaches soon became home to the super celebs who love beach homes, fast boats and other good-looking people; farmers who love to have water for their crops prospered and fed the nation. In general life was good in the Wolverine state.

Heck, palms trees were even growing all around the Mitten State’s coasts. Paradise.

I discarded the book as too far-fetched, poppycock you will, not because of the global warming thing, rather because as a side note, the Detroit Lions had won the Super Bowl -- multiple times.

Crazy, I know. It’d never sell.

* * *

Currently reading the book, The Killing Jar, by Gloria Nixon-John, with help from Robert “Skip” Noelker. Nixon-John is an Oxford resident, so she sent me a copy to read. Inside the cover she scribbled a note: To Don, Who still knows the power of the printed word. Gloria

I won’t go too much into the book now (that will come in a later column), suffice to say that it is “based on a true story.” It involves murder, government failures, insanity and more. (How’s that for a tease?)

As to the power of the printed word, Gloria, you and four other people read this column: My mom, three sisters and you. You may have hitched your wagon on the wrong horse!

* * *

One thing makes me happy about not having cable or dish or satellite TV like the rest of you suckers: Don Doesn’t Pay To Get Bombarded With Presidential Campaign Commercials.

Score one for Rush.

Seriously, if you are paying for cable or dish or satellite TV, are you whizzed off at paying for the privilege of watching lies and innuendo?

* * *

I wonder how long it will be before having cable TV is considered a “right” of being an American?

* * *

The folks at Clarkston Flower Shop are having their 2nd annual Backyard Jam, where all proceeds go to help local soldiers. It’s July 28, and they are looking for folks willing to be dunked in a tank. I have signed up. If you know somebody who is willing, e-mail me: