Source: Sherman Publications

Groveland Township
Synopsis of the 7-9-2012 meeting

July 18, 2012


Groveland Twp. Board 7-9-2012

Call To Order & Roll Call

Approved: Consent Agenda

Budget Amendment, Accts Payable

Board Minute 6/11/2012

Presentation: John Love from Holly running for State House

Approved Petty Cash Procedures

Approved Road Graveling Pending Clarifications

Discussed Employee Hiring Procedures

Approved Bldg Dept. & Special Use Fees

Approved Reappointment of Planning & BZA Members

Approved Griesser Agreement

Tabled Local Vendor Information

Approve Attendance at NITA Picnic


Discussed 2012 Parks & Rec. Property Tax Levy

Approved No-Haz 3 Year Extension


Approved Hiring Jeffrey Burdess and Joseph Keehn

Patti Back

Recording Secretary

Publish in The Citizen 7-14-12