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July 18, 2012

Waring for supervisor

Dear Editor,

I am voting for Todd Waring to be out next supervisor. Todd was the first candidate to enter the race and stands for all the right reasons. He is a successful business owner, proud father, and is running solely to bring leadership to our township that has not been lead by the right people. We need a leader like Waring who has no hidden agendas and will make our township a great place to live.

Todd has been working day and night, seven days a week since late April, showing his dedication and desire to be the next Independence Township supervisor.

His ideas for our township is to bring new professional business to it, to where these people will live, not drive here for a job, bring good restaurants, shopping, high end grocery stores all the things our residents have to go elsewhere for.

We should be a self supported community, keeping our money here, not taking it to another area that developed properly, and Waring gets that.

I feel Todd is the best candidate and ask voters to really take a hard look at the other candidates and see that Todd Waring is the right choice.

Kelly Forbes

Independence Township

Wallace has principles

Dear Editor,

Folks in Independence Township should take the opportunity on Aug. 7 to harness Neil Wallace by electing him township supervisor.

When he was a teenager, his father and I introduced Neil to involvement in community issues and activism. He was an eager and quick student.

Back then, we found we could most effectively improve our community by engaging in politics ...without being “politicians,” by sticking with a few simple principles: Listen, Respond, and Lead, based on what is best for the community.

Although I retired to Florida a few years ago, I’ve watched Neil’s work in Independence. By sticking to the principles he learned so long ago, Neil has accomplished much for his community. I am proud of what he has accomplished and you should be too.

Elect Neil Wallace supervisor, the best is yet to come.

John Riley

N. Ft. Myers, Fla.

Work reference for Kittle

Dear Editor,

I have worked with Pat Kittle for close to 20 years in various departments at Chrysler. I understand Pat is now coming out of retirement and running for Independence Township supervisor.

In my opinion, the residents of your community could not be more fortunate. Pat is one of those guys who never took “no” for an answer when working on an assignment.

Pat had this unique ability to get different functional groups from within the organization to reach a consensus on a plan of action and somehow get them corralled and all marching in the same direction to a common goal. No easy task during some of the most turbulent times in the auto industry.

His common sense approach to management and problem solving was straightforward and simple … attack the issue straight on, keep management informed and “it can’t be done” was never an acceptable answer.

If the past is any indication of the future, I am confident Pat will be a huge asset to Independence Township.

I would hope that you and your newspaper will choose to support Pat for the benefit of your citizens and community.

Gary Dilts, Chrysler executive vice president, Global Sales

Operations – Retired

Leadership from Lohmeier

Dear Editor,

It is my privilege to write this letter to ask the community of Independence Township to support the re-election of David Lohmeier for Independence Township trustee.

David has proven to be an effective leader in township governance. David picked up on a community safety issue spearheaded by the Clarkston High School PTA, its membership, and Andrea Schroeder. David approached Clarkston Community Schools to suggest their working with the township on access to tri-party funds.

As a result of this collaborative effort, David gained support for the entire Township Board to use earned tri-party funds from Oakland County Road Commission and Independence Township to resolve this safety issue, saving the school tens of thousands of dollars with no additional cost to township residents. This effort resulted in an enhanced traffic light and road sensors for left hand turns at the Clarkston and Flemings Lake Road intersection into the high school and updated signage and no-turn-on-red arrow at Waldon and Walters roads. Dave’s ability to bring forth multiple parties and work together to provide for a creative solution that is a win-win for all parties is exemplary.

David’s participation at township meetings shows his obvious preparation by being informed, responsible, and a good listener to his community’s needs. Please join me in supporting David Lohmeier for township trustee.

Cheryl McGinnis

Independence Township

Wallace’s experience needed

Dear Editor,

The voters of Independence Township will have the opportunity to turn the page on township government and elect a new township board.

When you board an airplane, you generally do not vote on who is going to pilot the airplane. But you generally want the most qualified to fly the airplane regardless of popularity.

The qualifications are determined by knowledge and experience. Likewise, when you go for a root canal or a heart bypass, you would not go to the social director of the hospital, you would seek out the most qualified surgeon.

If you are going to make an omelet, you are going to have to break some eggs. If you are going to manage a township, you are going to have to make some unpopular choices. Actually, being a nice guy or a nice lady can make it more difficult to make unpopular choices.

When it comes to knowledge and experience, it is not even close. I hope the voters recognize Neil Wallace is the most qualified candidate for supervisor. Neil Wallace shares a characteristic with Gov. Rick Snyder. They are both “one tough nerd.”


Gerald E. McNally

Independence Town