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Letter to the Editor: Supervisor responds to letter writer

July 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

In last week’s Lake Orion Review there was a letter from a Mike Buckley that contained factual errors. First, I did not originate either the Orion Center or the Wildwood amphitheater. Those projects were started by the previous Township Supervisor. However, I have responsibility for them now. Second, when Lake Orion schools said they couldn’t afford to pay half the cost of the school police liaison officer, I was the one who stepped forward and proposed that the Township General Fund pay the entire cost of that officer for 2012. In fact, the General Fund is contributing $278,200 to the Police Fund this year to balance that budget and to keep the police liaison officer and other officers. In addition, I have helped raise funds to support the campaign for the millage election.

- JoAnn Van Tassel