Source: Sherman Publications

Addison Township

July 25, 2012

At a regular scheduled Township Board meeting held on July 16, 2012 at the Township located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367 the Township of Addison adopted the amendments to the Watershed Preserve Park Ordinance.

A summary of the amended ordinance:

Chapter 46 ARTICLE II.


Sec. 46-31. Purpose; applicability.

The Township property known as the Watershed Preserve Park (Park) shall operate under provisions as stated in this article.

Sec. 46-32. General rules.

General rules shall be posted at the Park’s access

Sec. 46-33. Mission statement.

The purpose of the Park is to protect and preserve in perpetuity the integrity of the extremely sensitive watershed and wildlife habitat area within the Park boundaries and In order to comply with MNRTF grant funding requirements, designated and approved types of hunting are allowed. The Township and hunters shall follow all Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulations pertaining to those types of hunting allowed in the Park (see section 46.41 for specific types and township restrictions).

Sec. 46-34. Hours; vehicular access.

The Park will be open to the public from sunrise to sunset year round, unless otherwise indicated or restricted due to hunting seasons.

Sec. 46-35. Trails.

All visitors shall remain on designated trails unless otherwise indicated and authorized by the approved camping and hunting regulations.

Sec. 46-36. Equestrian access.

Horses may be ridden in the Park, but must remain on designated trails.

Sec. 46-37. Pets.

All pets entering the Park must be confined to a leash at all times.

Sec. 46-38. Boating.

Small non-motorized rowboats, kayaks or canoes may be allowed on the lakes within the Park provided that they do not interfere with water bird nesting and brooding patterns.

Sec. 46-39. Removal of litter; fires.

All visitors to the Park are required to pack out any materials, litter or refuse they bring in. There will be no ground fires allowed within the Park except by special permit.

Sec. 46-40. Special use access for camping.

(a) Permits may be issued for special use access to the Park by the Township Supervisor or designee.

Section 46.41 Hunting

All hunting shall follow DNR rules and regulations, including applicable licensing requirements. The following types of hunting are allowed:

a. Archery hunting throughout the DNR designated regular archery deer hunting season.

1. All blinds, platforms or tree stands shall follow the most current requirements of the DNR which currently prohibits blinds, platforms or tree stands that pierce or otherwise damage the bark of any tree.

2. The Township prohibits the cutting of any shooting lanes for the purpose of archery hunting or any type of allowed hunting.

b. Waterfowl hunting during the DNR-designated regular waterfowl hunting season EXCEPT that in no event shall waterfowl hunting be allowed in the Park prior to October 1st of any given year.

c. Fishing shall be allowed and is subject to all DNR rules and regulations.

For safety purposes, the Township, reserves the right, to close the Park for all other purposes during the allowed designated seasons.

46.42 Discharge of Firearms or Fireworks

There shall be no discharge of firearms or fireworks within the Park.

Penalty, Repealler, Severablity,

Savings and Effective Date

Penalty: Unless another penalty is expressly provided, every person convicted of a violation of any provision of the Code or any ordinance, rule or regulation adopted or issued in pursuance thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00 and/or imprisonment not exceeding 90 days including the costs of prosecution in the discretion of the court. The penalty provided by this section, unless another penalty is expressly provided, shall apply to the amendment of any Code section, whether or not such penalty is reenacted in the amendatory ordinance. In addition to the penalty prescribed above, the Township may pursue other remedies as allowed by law including but not limited to, such as abatement of nuisances, injunctive relief, revocation of licenses, permits, revocation, special and/or conditional use revocations or amendments and the like together with recovery of attorney fees and cost of prosecution.

Repealler,Severability and Savings clause applies to the Ordinance.

Effective date: This Ordinance shall become effective 30 days after summary publication in the official township newspaper. Effective date August 25, 2012.

A complete text of the ordinance is available for review, inspection or purchase at the Township Clerk’s Office during regular business hours. The office is located 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367

Pauline Bennett, Addison Township Clerk