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July 25, 2012

Pick Pallotta for clerk

Dear Editor,

As a volunteer in the offices of the Independence Township Clerk, I found Barbara Pallotta to be an amazingly well organized, efficient and people-oriented person. As an Election Inspector, I received detailed training including a manual and power point presentation, both written and presented by Mrs. Pallotta.

In addition, Mrs. Pallotta undertook the huge challenge of re-aligning voting precincts so as to avoid using schools as voting places – obviously enhancing the safety of our children. As a result of this realignment, approximately 26,000 registered voter information cards had to be corrected, notifications sent to the voters and new voter identification cards distributed. Those volunteers helping with this effort were given detailed instructions on how to accomplish this task, while maintaining the integrity of the documents and privacy of Independence Township voters. Mrs. Pallotta’s honesty, integrity and dedication is without question.

In all my years of active involvement with, and in, politics, this is the first time I’ve written a letter of endorsement, and I do so with absolutely no hesitation.

Mrs. Pallotta gets my vote, and she deserves yours.

Diane Clark

Independence Township

Kittle requests votes

Dear Editor,

When I told my buddies my intentions to run for Independence Township supervisor, their immediate responses were “Are you nuts? You’re retired. Relax,” “Haven’t you been reading the papers? Independence Township is the laughingstock of Oakland County” and “the supervisor’s position is the most thankless job in the township. You’re outta your mind!” And that’s exactly why I put my name in the hat to run.

As a homeowner and 13 year resident of Clarkston, I’m frustrated with the current political machine and all the negative press in the media. A dysfunctional local government hurts property values and causes potential residents and businesses to question if Independence Township is the right choice for them. I feel it’s time someone with a set of fresh eyes and a new perspective takes charge with no hidden agendas or skeletons in the closet.

Once my friends realized I was serious they asked, “so what makes you think you have the right stuff to be supervisor?” I quickly replied. “How about 32 years’ experience with a major automobile manufacturer with the last 10 years in the Executive Ranks responsible for an $80M budget, training 3,500 dealers and 150,000 dealer personnel … and never being over budget. How about the past three years as the Oakhurst Homeowner’s Association President improving Cash Reserves and Capital Improvement Funds five-fold without cutting services. Or how about someone who continuously communicates with the 511 Oakhurst property owners keeping them informed how their money is being spent and seeking input on issues before they become problems. These same basic business and management principles can be applied to our Township, just on a larger scale. And to take Independence Township to the next level, we need to put a big sign out front of Town Hall that reads ‘OPEN FOR BUSINESS’ to attract the commercial services of a McLaren Hospital and welcome the new investment and the jobs, homebuyers and shoppers that come with it!”

After much debate about the pro’s and con’s of local politics -- and my sanity -- my buddies finally closed with, “We still think you’re nuts, but we’ll support you.” And you know what? I can’t ask for any more than that.

I hope the residents of Independence Township agree with my buddies and also vote for me in the Independence primary election on Aug. 7.

Pat Kittle

Independence Township

A call to vote for Kunse

Dear Editor,

I support Joette Kunse for Independence Township trustee because Joette will be a fresh voice on the board. Joette will bring civility to the board and use her problem solving skills to get things done.

Joette is a good researcher and with her vote, she will offer a good analysis of the problem.

She is conservative in her spending and has a variety of experiences managing million dollar budgets.

She says the township is carrying a higher than needed fund equity. Her thoughts are that some of the fund equity should be used to fund a capital outlay plan for equipment and infrastructure or paying down the debt to the water department for the township hall loan.

I know Joette is interested in the Vision 20/20 plan and feels it needs to be updated by citizens to reflect the current economic state and the foreseeable future. Joette is a collaborator in her professional life and in her activities in the community. Joette has talked about collaborating with the chamber of commerce, working to full some of the empty store fronts in the township. She is impressed with the work Oakland County is doing with other communities to make themselves small business friendly.

Joette’s experience with technology applications would be useful to the township. She has researched what other communities are doing to make government transparent and open to the comments of all.

She has proven she is dedicated to the community by the work she has done for local organizations and the township over the 40 years she has lived in the township. She and her husband Bill have raised their two daughters here and have been active citizens. I hope you will vote for Joette Kunse for trustee on Aug. 7.

Rae Luallen

Independence Townships