Source: Sherman Publications

Public Safety

by Lance Farrell

July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23

*Bicycle found on Lakes Edge and Oakwood Court.

*Complaint made against skateboarders on Pleasant and Dayton Street.

*Malicious destruction of property reported on Glaspie Street. Driver damaged another vehicle in driveway and left before speaking to owner or authorities.

*Window smashed--purse snatched on Lakes Edge Drive.

*Wallet found in Scripter Park on Glaspie Street. Owner contacted.

Sunday, July 22

*Pedestrian struck by vehicle on Eagle Trail.

*Drunken driving arrest made on Lapeer and Oakdell Road.

*Home owner discovers breaking and entering upon return to Broadway residence. Requesting fingerprints and an extra patrol.

*Driver taken into custody for driving with a suspended license on Washington and Minnetonka streets.

Saturday, July 21

*Loud juveniles reported by campfire on Thornehill Trail.

*Reports of gun shots heard on Shummard Branch.

*Attempted breaking and entering reported on South Lapeer.

*Bicycle found on East Burdick.

*Injured Red Tail Hawk spotted on Oxford Lakes Drive. Hawk flew away when approached.

Friday, July 20

*Noise complaint on Center Street. Music and party much too loud for neighbor.

*Theater requested a police walk through at premiere of new Batman film.

Thursday, July 19

*Breaking and entering reported on Teelin Drive. Father and son tag-team on perpetrator. Father called 9-1-1 while son ran after thief. Thief abandoned bicycle and fled on foot when pursuer said police were called.

*Report of juveniles arguing on East Manor Drive.

*Check fraud perpetrated via internet scam on Crawford Street.

*Utility pole reported on fire on Maloney Street.

Wednesday, July 18

*Rock through window on Dennison Street.

*Two car collision reported on South Washington Street.

*Two car accident near Oxford Lakes Drive and Drahner Road.

*Lightning strikes roof of Goddard School on Gateway Drive. Minor property damage reported, including missing shingles and some electrical malfunctions. Electrical power undisturbed and no injuries reported. Few in the building even noticed the bolt.

Tuesday, July 17

*$9,000 check fraud on Adventure Lane. Warrant for arrest requested.

*Tree limb reported burning on Glaspie Street. DPW responded and extinguished fire.

*Domestic assault reported on Stanton Street.

*Juvenile marijuana use reported at Scripter Park.

Monday, July 16

*Three bicycles reported stolen from deck on Chinkapin Rill.